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Residents Love Aldea

                 & You Will Too!

What's the 'Twitter'?


Why do people love living in Aldea de Santa Fe? It is a planned 345 acre community on the Northwest edge of Santa Fe more densely populated than the surrounding country area providing a comforting sense of safety. There are 479 residential lots within the community offering single family homes, townhomes, patio homes, and even a few commercials live/work condos around the plaza. The neighborhood offers lots of opportunities to participate in many activities surrounding the community.

Designed and planned by Andres Duany, residents enjoy 205 acres of open space including walking trails, numerous parks, and sporting amenities! Built around a central plaza, it offers a Community Center Building for the Homeowners Association, activities, and fitness classes. (The Village Center Association is separate from the HOA and it governs the plaza and commercial operations.) Homeowners pay $492  per quarter in HOA fees in 2024.

The Community Building:

3 Nuevo Milenio

Santa Fe, NM  87507

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