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Aldea Birding Group


The pride and joy of Aldea de Santa Fe is the The Aldea Birding Group and the interest in this community in learning more about birds in this region. Spotted birds are listed and kept in a Resource Guide. There are periodic talks and field trips with experienced birders who make this activity fun for all levels of bird watching.


Currently working with Cornell Lab of Ornithology on the NestWatch Program, homes are providing better habitats for declining species of the Juniper Titmouse, the Bewick’s Wren, & the Mountain Chickadee. Due to this project, Aldea is now an official NestWatch Chapter, and the only one in New Mexico.


Certification reflects the way of life in Aldea that respects the natural world and recognizes the role in maintaining it. Learn more of Aldea Outdoors Committee’s Birding Group. ..


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Birders' Bulletin



 (over 100 bird species have been seen in Aldea)

See Recent Sightings in Aldea.

To help birds, pollinators and all living things - 

Find out how to certify your yard with the NWF.

Aldea Outdoors Committee’s Birding Group

Email to sign up and stay current on ABG and be first in the know of upcoming activities.


Contact:    Marilyn Durkee

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